Christmas lookbook

Hey Guys. Hope everyone had a good week. Mine was both fun and tiring. Just wanted to share with you A few pictures from CJAJ09‘s Christmas look book. Mainly because I have nothing else to post. I thought it would be fun to present looks in context as opposed to just showing some of what we will have in store so. So its like outfit and appropriate outing. All my models are either doing coursework or preparing for exams (I really miss them *sobs onto keyboard*) so I had to model myself. I definitely want to know if you guys will wear any of these to their prescribed places. Enjoy.

So what do you guys think.

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  1. Simply sensational!!!!!!! the 4th.5th and 7th dresses are my absolute favourites!!!!! You did a smashing job! I am once again inspired to get my hands on some african textiles and make something amazing(I’m really glad I’ve found some sources for it too).

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