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 Happy Monday people. As much as I like to try new fabrics and colors in my work. I tend to use a lot of the same fabrics over and over again in my designs. If I see fabric that I just love, I become totally devoted to it and if my customers respond well to it, I go a little crazy. The fabric used in the above outfit is a classic example. If you look closely, you’ll see that its actually two tones of the same fabric. Its a tried and tested formula and it removes a lot of the hassle out of fabric shopping. Its a great formula for any personal wardrobe as well, and it allows you to mix and match looks like this one, if you are interested. Any of you try this, or going to try it? Any tried and tested outfit formulas for any of you guys???

In other news, I’ve been having so much fun playing with my hair. After over two years of rocking my hair very short, I forgot how much fun it was to have long hair and I am absolutely loving the thrill of being able to “whip my hair back and forth”. I’m open to hairstyles and tips guys. On another note, is anybody else getting a super girly, almost childish vibe from this outfit. It wasn’t what I was going for but its what I ended up with. Almost like a little girl in mother’s closet feel. Blazer and skirt by CJAJ09, Boots off ebay and clutch was thrifted.

Thank you guys all so much for taking time out to read, comment and email me. You guys are all so lovely and you keep me going, so thank you. And have a great week.

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