The fall after summer

This season i’m reworking most of my summer pieces cos i’m on a very tight budget, so no shopping allowed. This maxi was one of my favorite pieces last summer, and i’m glad its lined so I can still wear it. And i love the print on it, which is not so very season specific, not that that’s ever stopped me before. Anybody else in the habit of reworking the summer pieces for the colder months?


 You guys wouldn’t believe how comfortable this jacket is. its like wearing foam. Its soft, comfortable and just great. A little bit old but I don’t think i’ll part with this baby till it falls apart. Clutch is from Dorothy Perkins, Jacket from H&M, Top from CJAJ09, Boots from Ebay.

Its been raining for the past couple of days here in London, but I like rain so no complaints. How’s the weather wherever you are and I hope you are enjoying it. Virtual hugs and kisses

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  1. I always re-work my outfits. I don’t believe in having a seasonal wardrobe. I love to wear my clothes and I will “winterize” them if possible.

    Check out my blog tomorrow for a fab giveaway.

  2. I’m on a super tight budget right now too and I’ve been having a lot of fun making my wardrobe work for me. I’ve been wearing a lot of my summer maxi dresses with sweaters and belts. You are fearless when it comes to print mixing! The print on your maxi is beautiful and I think you’ll be able to wear it into the winter without a problem since it’s lined! Great outfit as usual!

  3. Very pretty!!! The clashing prints suit my fancy! I live in a very warm sub tropical climate so I mix up my wardrobe all the time I don’t really have tons of season specific pieces mostly my extensive jacket collection…

    also I wanted to tell you how much I adore your previous post that outfit is amazing and your skirt is phenomenal the print is drool worthy and I LOVE it!

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