Mismatched Tailoring

 I’ve been both super busy and super lazy these past couple of weeks in terms of outfits. I literally cannot be bothered to think about outfits at all. Generally, I just throw things together but with a little bit of consideration. These days I’m literally grabbing things and just going. I’m in a funk and I don’t know how to get out. HELP!!!! What do you guys do when you cannot be inspired to dress up at all?? In times like this, I’m very grateful for one thing, that i have quite a few unique and standout pieces in my wardrobe that don’t need much dressing up, s outfits come together very easily.

This look isn’t actually a full suit. I’ve had the blazer for a while and my mum gave me the pants just last week. I actually just went to grab a blazer when I was ready to walk out of the house and that’s when i discovered the closeness in color, et voila!! Top is from CJAJ09, clutch is thrifted and shoes from Aldo.

Well i’m gearing up for a busy week with my sewing machine. What are you guys doing this week?? Have fun whatever it is, and laugh out loud as much as you can, its good medicine. Lots of love

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  1. You look ah-mazing! This is such an inspiring outfit, I can’t believe the pants and jacket aren’t part of a suit. When I’m feeling bored with my wardrobe I move things around in my closet. I always end up finding something that I’d forgotten about, it’s a great way to keep your closet current and your outfits fresh.

  2. I definetly have my uninspired dressing days – especially when i feel like im pushed for time or I’m sick/tired….I guess a good way to do it is just have pieces of clothing that you love so much that when you just throw them on you still feel amazing – or even some jewellery you can add easily to make your outfit something you like…..

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