On the town

 Hey Guys, i’m having a weird kind of week, not bad weird but not necessarily good weird either. Anyways, here’s a quick post for y’all. I wore this outfit last Friday when I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the night because for some reason, everyone left their camera at home. In all honesty, I wore this outfit because I couldn’t be bothered to dress up. This outfit was part of a video shoot I’d  done right before leaving the house and I thought, what the hey!!!!

Shorts and Bag from CJAJ09, Blazer is thrifted and shoes are from ebay.

Anyways, here’s the video I was shooting. Its for my shop’s you tube channel and its all about transitioning your favorite summer pieces for fall. (I know, so new! lol.) Enjoy it still. And i hope you pick up a trick or two.


I have received a few emails about how to follow the blog, I believe there’s a follow button that pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen for  non-WordPress users that you can click on to subscribe to posts and WordPress users can just click on the follow button at the top of the screen. Or you can just follow on Twitter or Bloglovin’


Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you guys all so much for the support.



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