I actually wore this outfit last Sunday to Church. What you see as a skirt is actually not a skirt, its a piece of fabric that I just wrapped around my waist and pinned down. Now this is a very common practice in Africa, mostly amongst the older women. They will have their tops sewn but they just use a big piece of fabric for the bottom. they normally just double wrap the fabric around them selves, knot it and secure it with a rope or a tiny piece of fabric cut to emulate a rope. They would normally use a piece of fabric twice the width of mine so they are fully covered up and thee’s no room for accidents, but I wanted the split fronts so I halved my fabric, and instead of a knot and rope, I just pinned it down.

Looking back now, I think there was too much blue in this outfits. Sometimes, I don’t think through my outfits well enough. But at least, it wasn’t the same shade of blue all though out, because that, I think would have look a little off. I am working my way up to trying a full on monochrome look one of these days.  Top is from CJAJ09. Shoes are from Heelzsohigh.

I have made an “almost end of the year resolution” to stop wearing turbans for a little while. I laugh whenever I think about it, but its been 3 days since I made it and so far I’ve been able to stick with it. But I need y’all to pray for me. Seriously!!! Love you all.

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  1. Even though this outfit is very blue, I love it a lot… And the fact about the skirts/pieces of fabric is so interesting! BUt I think I’d be way too worried about accidents…

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