I was supposed to be resting and doing nothing on Saturday but that got very boring very quickly so instead I decided to take some promo shots for my store, CJAJ09. And I just wanted to share some of the pictures with y’all. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Will I make a good commercial model? Am I totally selling these clothes or not?? Lol. Anyway, the picture quality is not so great so they will probably never get used. Reshoot!!! Enjoy.

Have a great week guys.

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  1. First, you’re gorgeous. Second, these pieces are beautiful.
    I’d agree that for promotional use, higher-quality photos are preferred. What type of camera are you using? And maybe you don’t need to completely retake these looks if you can do some adjusting with a photo editting program.
    Also, how can I get looks 2 and 3? I don’t see them up on your site yet 🙂

    1. Aww, Thanks Ivie. I used a Fujifilm camera to take these but the lighting was really bad. Not all the pieces are available on the website yet, but check back in 2 or three weeks.

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