Style it Saturdays (Uptown V Downtown)

Downtown Chick-Blazer and Skirt by CJAJ09, Shoes from NIKE, Hat from Ebay, Bag from Coach, Necklace from Newlook

Uptown girl- Blazer and skirt by CJAJ09, Shoes from the fashion bible, Hat from Matches, Bag from Asos, Pearls from Amazon.


Hey guys, I haven’t been able to do a Style it Saturdays post for a while because my Saturdays seem to be getting busier by the minute but this weekend isn’t so busy so I’m literally chilling and staying indoors all day doing nothing after this post is done. I’ve been watching Jumping over the broom  lately so for this post I wanted to do a how the other side live styling session, kind of. When I picked the outfit, I tried to imagine how Megan Good’s character (uptown girl) will style it as opposed to how Tasha Smith’s character (downtown girl) will style it. What do y’all think, did I get it right? Will you wear any of these looks? Have you seen the movie?

Have a lovely weekend guys

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