The power Suit

 My girl over at My so-called corporate life did a post on the power and femininity of a suit on a woman and ever since I read it over a week ago, I’ve been dying for an excuse to wear a full suit. It wasn’t so much what she said as much as the pictures that accompanied the piece.And then halfway through last week, I read somewhere that it was or will soon be Michael Jackson’s birthday. Actually, it was on quiet a few blogs, web pages and news sites. Didn’t really pay much attention to what was written but I looked at the pictures. So looking at all the pictures that accompanied those articles, the hat just had to come out. In essence, this is my tribute to Michael Jackson and the the allure and power of a woman in a suit.

This suit is actually one of the oldest things in my wardrobe. My mother got it from a charity shop about 6 years ago. Its almost vintage. Ironically, its very much on trend right now, but when I first got it, it wasn’t so much. Or maybe it was and I just didn’t notice it. I tend to wear the blazer and pants as separates so you might be familiar with them individually as they’ve both featured on here before but this is their first outing together in about 5 years. Found the hat in a market, I’m getting back into them. Made the tie myself, and the vest is also charity shopped. I think its originally supposed to be men’s


There’s only one picture in this post with my legs crossed. That’s an achievement for me. Patting myself on the back right now. Its like every time I see a camera, my legs automatically cross. Its a bad habit and I’m checking into rehab for it. LOL.

Anyways, hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better week ahead. Enjoy it and do something fun for me, cos i probably won’t do anything fun for myself. Virtual hugs and kisses for you all.

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