Ready to retire

I wore this outfit last Wednesday, I think. It was sunny for a few hours n the afternoon so I thought to enjoy that and brought this out. My favourite part  of this outfit is definitely the wedges. This outfit is basically a slight variation on my usual I can’t be bothered uniform. Its always bottoms (skirt or jeans) a tee and a blazer.

So I painted my wedges. A couple of weeks ago, someone tweeted something about DIY neon shoes and so i got some paint, a pair of old wedges and voila!! I love them so  much more now. They have been renewed. The bag on the other hand is nearing the end of its life after 4 years of very intensive labor. I always overload it. Take a close look and you can see that the handles are almost ripped. That actually happened while we were taking these pictures. I want to retire it but its so perfect for my everyday life, with all its compartments and everything. And i’m having a hard time finding a replacement. Jacket From CJAJ09.

 I’m looking back in that photo because a man carrying a kitchen sink on his head suddenly came out of nowhere screaming profanities whilst we were in the middle of shooting.  WE RUN LIKE HELL!!. That’s how my bag got ripped in the first place.

Wishing you guys all a happy rest of the week, and a fantastic September. And thank you all so  much for the lovely comments and for taking time out to visit my blog. I really appreciate all of you guys.

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  1. You did those heels?! They came out beautifully! This is such a classic look and your shoes and jacket add the perfect pops of color. I hate when bags let you down and end up breaking but it’s a prefect excuse to indulge in a new bag for yourself.

  2. Love all of this except the socks bit.. tells me something i just don’t understand…fashion maybe, but i just feel it looks more *fancy* than fashion: else i will even buy everything u have on, including the ripped bag…just not working for me with the socks.

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