Gridlocked and mysterious

 Happy Monday guys. I don’t generally wear all black outfits, because I love my colors too much. Anyway on Saturday, my friend show up at my house with this hat in tow and just gives it to me. Of course, I was super duper excited because I just love hats like this. Every since I cut my hair, I’ve not really been able to wear hats because they just don’t look right, but finally!! I immediately decided I wanted to wear this hat on Sunday and it just made so much sense with this dress that I was like forget about color, Today I dine in black heaven.


I love how the hat drapes over my face. Makes me look all grown, glamorous and mysterious. Of course, I could only look out of one eye for the whole day but that all added to the appeal. The hat did not come with the black and white striped fabric, I added that to match my shoes. Dress is from CJAJ09, Clutch from Banana republic, Shoes from Anne Michelle. Actually shoes, hat and clutch were all presents.

Well, wishing all you guys a great and productive week. Virtual  hugs and kisses for everyone.

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