Rainy day Preppy

I am so officially over this unstable summer we are having and with my twitter timeline being over flooded with talk of fall, I’m already in transition. I was planning on wearing this outfit yesterday minus the shirt and socks but then  it started to rain and the weather got a bit chilly so I had no option. I just noticed that the socks and shoes being very close in color elongate my legs a little bit more. Good tip!! I’m actually looking forward to making my summer pieces work for fall. Moving into a new apartment so I’m on a tight budget for the next couple of months so no new clothes.

In other news, I’m trying to grow my hair out and its currently a thick un-salvageable mess. I broke a comb yesterday trying to comb my very thick hair. But I’m determined to not put any chemicals or anything in it. When it becomes totally impossible to comb, i’ll just get a turban surgically implanted onto my head, or most likely just get it braided. Dress from CJAJ09, Shirt from Zara, Shoes from HeelzsoHigh.

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  1. the print on your dress is gorgeous!! i love the vibrant colors and fun pattern… certainly brightens up the dreary day you had!! good luck growing your hair out, i’ve never had mine so short but mine is thick and i can only imagine how difficult it must be! <3shelby


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