My dog ate my pants!!!!!!

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past week. Its been super busy and it all went by too fast. This week should be a little slower, I hope. Anyway back to the outfit. I wore this a long while ago and  wasn’t actually sure I was going to post it but I had to because I didn’t photograph anything I wore last week or today so here’s another old one. I remember having one of those days where I suddenly seemed to hate everything in my wardrobe and nothing seemed to fit, nothing was working and I was in a hurry so  threw a long linen top over a pair of thick tights and booties, grabbed a blazer and clutch and just went. This is frustrated dressing.

Top is from H&M, you’ve seen everything else before.

This week, I’ve set myself the challenge of wearing socks with wedges, so if  can do it, I’ll be sure to post pictures. Hope everyone has a good week. Any crazy challenges for the week? Do share. Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

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