Style it Saturdays + Ciaafrique

Color blocked for Night- Dress from CJAJ09, Shoes from , Earrings from Topshop, Clutch from

Color coordinated for day- Dress from CJAJ09, Shoes from Ohema Ohene, Earrings from, Bag from

Have to do this quickly cos i’m in a hurry. Let me just say a big Thank you to Assa of CiaAfrique who styled the first look so beautifully and made it very easy for me to style the second look. Here’s what she had to say about here look. “The styling was simply inspired the this Spring /summer trend ( color blocking ). Since the dress has already a bit of purple  I decided to use a purple clutch and earrings and green shoes. The style is a bit risque but sometimes you just have to be bold. “. Let me just say I like the finished product and its made me want to go out and buy purple shoes. This look is perfect for evening and its simple and easy to achieve but its still gorgeous and standout.

Since she styled her’s for evening, I thought let me just be lazy and do mine for day.  I also wanted to match everything to the green so the little bits of purple really pop as they stand on their own. Sometimes, I just like to keep little colors popping as opposed to making them central. Its all in the details. I must say, I really love those sneakers, but I am so broke right now and I’m really trying not to buy anything. Bad timing. And here’s another piece of laziness from me, she used a fringe clutch which was perfect for evening so I thought, no need to work hard, just go for a fringe bag for day. I know, so bad. forgive the laziness please. Its been one of those weeks.


Thank you so so much Assa for doing this and for those of you who are not familiar with her blog (CiaAfrique) , head over there now. Its one of the best African fashion blogs out there and that’s not just my opinion. Or you can follow the lady herself on Twitter.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Mine promises to be a busy one, starting now!

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