To the cobblers?

I don’t really know what to say about this outfit. Denim shorts are not really my style but it just kinda made sense. Its one of those days when I just wanted to wear something that I didn’t normally wear a lot. This was a few weeks ago. Until I lost my camera recently, I didn’t realize how many outfits I never got round to posting. Anyway, I replaced my old camera with another old camera so I should be able to post some new outfits properly, or semi-properly photographed again soon.

I love these tights. Been on the look out for a similar pair to replace these ones but have been unsuccessful. Please somebody help me!!!! In other news, I’m very torn over whether to retire these wedges or get them to the cobbler to see if they can be sabotaged. The wedge is literally pulling away from the rest of the left shoe, and the right one looks like its headed that way but I love them too much to part with them. Three very good years of love and life. To replace or not to replace. What do you guys think?

Wishing everyone a fun week. If I can get beyond this horrible back pain, I’ll try to enjoy mine too.

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