Pink Corset

Still without camera so here’s another outfit from a while back that I never got round to posting. Ask me if I like pink and i’ll probably say no but I find I still wear it a lot. That’s because, no matter what one’s reservations are about the color, one can’t deny that it is a very feminine color. And now one has gone very regal, and one is not amused. One is losing one’s mind. OK, stopping now. Back to the point, pink, feminine color. Done!!! I’ve actually had this corset for about 4 years now, I can’t remember what possessed me to buy it but i’ll bet it was probably on sale. Either that or I was just going through an I-LOVE-BURLESQUE phase. I do however love it, and the shape it creates. I  wanted to contrast the raunchy-ness of the corset with the long loose fitting skirt to make it more event appropriate and I added the tank under the corset to reduce the sexiness of the top. All in all, I believe the Man repeller would be proud of me.  I did add a jacket later on but i didn’t get any pictures of that.

Corset is from Asos, Skirt from CJAJ09, Shoes from Newlook, and bangles thrifted. I’m loving the contrast of blues and pinks in this outfit. Totally unplanned but it works.

Well Happy Monday guys (as if).

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  1. I adore!!!! I’ve been looking for a gorgeous corset since a long time! And I think it’s a real fashion challenge to wear it in a way that DOES NOT look like you are ready to take the scene at the Moulin Rouge! You’ve done it!!! I will def steal your idea!!! Truly inspiring!

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