Back to basics

I wore this outfit last week. And it was inspired by two things. My very heavy workload which has led to me having to spend a lot of time indoors, thereby making me not want to dress up and the teenage population of South London, where I live. Here, there are no street style photographers and baggy pants, hoodies and trainers/sneakers are the norm, especially among the girls. Of course, I had to do it my own way, with a bit of an edge. Hence, the turban, waist coat and suspenders.

I know, i’m still  living in turbans. but they really transform a look and add another dimension when you add it to an outfit. And I like them big and dramatic. They create an air of uniqueness and mystery around the wearer. Bag is a shopper but i just felt like folding it and using it as a clutch. Picture quality isn’t great because i’m still camera-less so i’m being forced to post camera phone or old pictures.

Wishing everyone a happy Thursday and a good weekend ahead. Any fun plans????

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