Born in a manger

I wore this outfit on Sunday, which was my birthday. And I also used it for a presentation yesterday. My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the skirt, which  is light and wide and perfect for spinning and twirling so you know i spent most of the day doing that. And it has all the color, which I love. I was going for an extension of color blocking with print blocking. you get it?? well…  Of course, I couldn’t keep the jacket on for long because it was very hot on Sunday.

Firstly, forgive the goofy smiles. I’m having a “grandma, what big teeth you have” moment right now. But it was my birthday so I was feeling a bit crazy. Secondly, don’t you just love my girl’s blue print wedges??? I so want!!!.

So I found out sometime last week that my Dad reads my blog, which is pretty kool for me because I wasn’t even sure he had internet access. I am so happy that my dad reads my blog. So I had to convince my brother who takes my pictures and refuses to be photographed himself to step in front of the camera. it was difficult but I succeeded. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get him to dress up. But i’m working on that. That last shot is supposed to be sweet but it looks like i’m trying to swallow him. This one’s for you Dad.

Hope everyone is having a great week thus far. there’s still a few days left to enter the giveaway. wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week. Love.

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