Style it Saturdays (the summer tee)

Folky girl- Tee from CJAJ09. Skirt from beyond retro. Bracelet from H&M. Boots from Dr Martens. Bag from Debenhams.

Fresh girl- Tee from CJAJ09. Jeans from Topshop. Shoes from Topshop. Blazer from CJAJ09. Clutch from O’eclat designs

So I had a little help putting together this week’s SIS post from a friend who we shall call my helper. She styled the second look. And it was my helper’s idea to name the two looks folky girl and fresh girl. I understand the name folky girl. in fact that’s exactly what I was going for when i put together the look, but I really don’t understand the fresh girl. I understand the look but i don’t get the name. my girl chose it because she thought it made sense and it sounded nice.

so I wanted to style a summer wardrobe essential, hence the tee. I find the most obvious way its worn is with shorts or a mini in summer. so I wanted to do something a little different. The end result is perfect for summer festivals and picnics or days in the park but will work just as well for lunch dates, trips to the market or even a not too formal work environment. Its a very versatile look and can easily be glammed up by replacing the boots with heels and some red lipstick. I am very much in love with the skirt in that look but it can be replaced by a full maxi, or a pair of shorts or even bell bottoms or flares for almost the same effect. I would just add a fedora or straw hat.

My helper styled the second look. The reason why I love the second look is simple. You can wear it everywhere, from work to lunch with friends to meetings to dinner. it is such a versatile look and its so easy to put together, and works all year long, as long as you pick your pieces right. And according to my helper, it flatters all shapes and sizes, and the skinny jeans make your legs look long and defined. I have to say, i  love how she played the colors off each other in picking her pieces. Very well done and thanks to my helper. I would just add stacked bangles and be on my way.

What do you think, would you wear any of these looks??? Happy Saturday and Happy Memorial day weekend to all you American readers. Remember to enter the giveaway, one more week.

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