Yesterday I was feeling white, so I wore it. And guess what I finally managed to wear it head to toe, for the whole day, and I didn’t stain it. So I’m very proud of myself. But you know I had to  bring in that color and that African print so the bag and the orange lipstick, which by the way I am totally loving. It was so hot yesterday so this chiffon top was just perfect, even though I had a moment of regret for the denim flares but I was so in love with the overall look that I couldn’t care about my legs which were on fire.

People keep telling me that when it comes to jewelry,  you’re not supposed to mix metals but I don’t really agree. If it works and you like it, I say go for it. What do you guys think?? I am so in love with the colors on that bag. I can’t get enough of it. Been carrying it everywhere for the past three days. It seems to match everything I’ve been wearing and the colors are so vibrant. Bag is from CJAJ09.

You remember the dress I wore in my last outfit post? Well two of my friends coincidentally happened to be wearing theirs yesterday for church and that was pretty cool. If I’d just waited a few more days to wear mine. I originally designed and made the dresses for myself and some friends to wear to a wedding at the end of last summer. Its somewhat a tradition in African weddings for groups of people close to  the bride and groom to wear the same fabric. And another friend of mine was wearing head to toe white just like myself so a few clothing coincidences yesterday. Pretty kool huh?

Sorry about the picture overload. Just wanted to share a lot today. Thanks for reading and commenting guys. Love you all so much and wishing you all a sunny and gorgeous week. Anddon’t forget to enter the giveaway.

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