Puff ball

I’m in the middle of a couple of busy and crazy weeks so i’m really favoring outfits that put themselves together without much thought. I like this dress because it makes a statement on its own without much work from me. The top is a little loose so I added the tshirt and the belt to avoid any unwanted accidents. The puffy bottom is my favorite part. Looks a little flat in these pictures because I was sitting right before. I should have puffed it out a bit more but I forgot. Anyways, now i’m rumbling on. A result of tiredness and hunger. Anyways, I accidentally deleted a couple of posts of my blog earlier today, including the last one, so I’m going to have to reintroduce you to my MC Hammer pants another time.

Dress by CJAJ09, Shoes from Ebay. Knit Cardi from ASOS. Someone pointed out to me that the print on this dress isn’t a very obvious African print. I agree. I had a whole lecture planned on Printing techniques used in Africa but now I’m too tired and I can’t think very well so that lecture is going to have to wait. Promise to give it soon

Please forgive the bags under my eyes. Cucumbers don’t seem to do the job, but I’m open to any natural remedies so if you know any, drop me a line. I find I can still keep going no matter how tired as long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

Hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying what they are doing.

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