Its all on my head

A trend in Africa, among older and affluent women is shoes and bags that are made out of the same fabric. Some might go as far as matching said shoes and bags with their wraps, which is a piece of fabric worn over their clothes either over the shoulder or around their waist and or their headscarves. Ok, enough with the culture studies lesson, the point is, I’ve always admired these women and their matching shoes and bags from a distance but never felt confident enough to try it. I recently DIY-ed these shoes and when i decided to wear them last Saturday, I thought, what’s the harm? So I used the rest of the fabric to make a turban. I must say I liked the overall look  very much, but I probably won’t be adding a matching bag or anything else soon. Overload. I had to change the shoes later on in the day because they are very slippery and not really made for walking.

Pretty much everything i’m wearing is a DIY except for the bangles which I believe were thrifted by mum and the tank top. But I love this skirt.

My brother kept making me laugh while we were taking these photos so half of them came out ridiculous. Anyway, thank you guys all so much for the love and for reading and commenting. have a fantastic and joy filled week. and feel free to tell me about it.

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