Style it Saturdays (Statement Sleeves)

Dress- Mina Evans. Clutch- Christopher Kane. Shoes- Belt and bracelet- Asos

Dress- Mina Evans. Shoes- Dr Martens via Asos. Bag- River Island via Asos. Fedora- Forever 21. Bracelet- Asos

It was love at first sight when I saw this dress. It was one of those halo and angels singing hallelujah moment. I love everything about this dress and of course, my absolute favorite part is THE SLEEVES. Be still, my beating heart. When I chose to use this dress for this segment, I immediately thought of two places I would absolutely love to wear it to, festival and or wedding. Polar opposites right. Now, I know this dress is not a typical festival dress or a typical wedding dress for that matter but who’s to say what’s right and what’s not. And I figure it works, dressed down with the doc martens and the fedora, it takes on a slightly bohemian feel which is set off nicely by the Ankara print on the dress. And of course, a mini duffel bag is perfect festival bag. All you need now is a pair of sunglasses and a drink in hand.

Now, for wedding, I thought statement accessories that add to as opposed to distract from the dress, so simple structure but bold colors. NEON!!!! And with the dress already having some green, I thought lets accentuate that. I threw in the belt because just in case the over-sized sleeves coupled with the slightly loose fitting nature of the dress feels a little overwhelming, a tiny belt creates a cinched waist for shape without attracting too much attention. That Clutch in the picture is too expensive for me, and if you are like me,try to find a cheaper version or just check out this nifty DIY on a really quick and easy way to make a clutch of your own. You will notice I chose the same bracelet for both outfits. Its not a mistake, I really do like versatile pieces, like that. I abuse them. The bracelet matches and clashes with the dress at the same time and that’s why i love it.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

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  1. I love the sleeves so much too!! I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off hhaha! I would wear it to a festival! You don’t want to outshine the bride!!


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