White and Brown

Last weekend, I thought I’d be brave and try the head to toe white trend. So I got up feeling very brave and I did. Head to toe white, complete with white shoes and a white headscarf.  And I looked good too,  but of course, being the punk that I am, I CHICKENED out. I just couldn’t do it. So I lost the shoes and headscarf and decided to go for neck to knee white with accents of brown. Maybe, some other day, in a different life. But I have to say, my favorite thing about this outfit is the neck piece.

The neck piece is a DIY inspired by Fendi which I found on the blog Honestly…wtf. Its a great blog for DIYs and inspiration.n Seriously, check them out.

Have a great week guys. And our first ever giveaway is coming soon so stay tuned. lots of love to all you beautiful readers.


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