Style it Saturdays. Doing color

COLOR POP-Blazer from CJAJ09. Trousers/pants from Asos. Shoes from Newlook UK. Clutch from Forever 21.

COLOR BLOCK- Blazer from CJAJ09. Trousers/Pants from Asos. Clutch from Asos. Shoes from Newlook.

Color is a big trend this season and I am personally loving orange and red a lot at the moment so I chose this orange blazer to be the focus of this style it post. The problem with color blocking is that the line between looking good and looking like a clown is very blurred. To avoid crossing over into clown territory, firstly choose a piece to be the focus then build the rest of the look around it, as opposed to just throwing colors together. I chose my blazer and  then used colors that were already on the blazer, which is my main piece, but were used in minimal amounts. If you are wearing a piece with more than one color, that is a great way to color block, by going for the colors that were used in small amounts. If your main piece is just one color, and your not very confident about what works, just go for colors that are close, like pink and red or different shades of the same color like cerulean and cyan (both shades of blue). The reason why I chose the cream shoes for the color block is simple. when it comes to color blocking, many people tend to ignore colors like white and cream and nude, but these colors are good for balancing out a look, especially if you start to feel like the colors are becoming too many, and they stand out on their own as well.

For color popping, my advice is simple. one big color, then statement making accents or accessories in dark or neutral shades. you can’t go wrong with that.

What say you? Any tips on how to do color this season??? Please do share.have a great weekend guys. And a wonderful Memorial day weekend to those of you from the US

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