Stud and Fringe

Generally, I put offspring cleaning till, well, its winter. then i don’t do it at all. I know, so bad. But when i do do it, I love rediscovering old things that i totally forgot I had, like the black dress from the last post and the jacket and boots in this outfit. I intend to totally abuse that jacket this summer, but first i need to redo all the studs.

The jacket was actually a very gorgeous full sleeved military inspired denim blazer, but who wants that. So I pulled off the military bits, the sleeves and the collar, left the edges to fray and then i put studs on the front and lower back. you can still see the pencil outline from the closeup of the front where i drew the flower shape, which i then tried to emulate with the studs, try being the operative word here. The boots are supposed to be over the knees but they were having a hard time staying all the way up so i pushed them down. Dress is available instore at

I do believe I can fly, you just wait and see. Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Make the most of your week.


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