Mostly, my clothes are a reflection of my mood but I just love pieces that define and change my mood as opposed to just reflecting it. The print on this skirt just puts me in a crazy mood. I was practically jumping around acting crazy yesterday afternoon simply because. I had a blast, then I really wanted to go to Rio for carnival, even though I know i’m a couple of weeks late on that one. I was initially going to make a maxi dress out of the fabric, then i realised I didn’t have enough of it, so half pf it went into this skirt and I’m looking for something to do with the other half. Any ideas???

Told you, I was being crazy. Top is from Zara, shoes are off ebay, tights from Primark, I was initially going to wear a teal pair but then I went for a normal blue because i felt it worked better with the skirt.

The fabric I used for the skirt is super light so I had to layer it with some semi heavy poly cotton. that way, I was still covered even when the wind was blowing my skirt up. Before the madness, I was cool and collected with my thrifted white blazer on.


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