randomly thrown together

I don’t really know what I was going for with this outfit. Its one of those cases where I just kept putting stuff on, till i thought, “ok, that’s enough clothing”, looked in the mirror and thought, “that works”, grabbed a bag and walked out the door. I have a lot of days like that. Its not that i’m not inspired, I suppose its just laziness, and i was in a bit of a hurry. On a semi-related note, The weather of late has just been fantastic, so hopefully that will bring more inspiration and my outfits will be well thought out.

Forgive the tummy. Its actually due to the fact that i didn’t tuck my shirt in properly, I was in a hurry remember. Shoes are from Ebay. Socks from Primark. Skirt from CJAJ09. Bag from Aldo. Knit cardie was a gift. I don’t remember where I got the shirt from but its most likely from the men’s department in Zara. its where most of my shirts come from.

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