Day and Night

As much as I am enjoying the lovely weather here in London, I’m still very distrustful of British weather as a whole so no matter how sunny it is, I always leave the house with a blazer or at least a scarf. Anyone living in England will feel me on that. The good thing is a blazer always adds an extra layer to an outfit and can easily add an edge or transform an outfit from one style to another. And in  some sense, same can be said for scarves.

Top is going in store at soon. Fabric used for the floral detail and the back of the top is Kente, which, in its original woven form is actually a very expensive fabric worn mainly by royalty and very rich people in Africa. Of course, this is the cheap printed version so….. Pants were found in the back of some tiny shop in a market in Finsbury park- great place to shop if you have a lot of time and don’t mind looking through lots of junk to find a good piece. They are actually ankle length harem pants but I prefer to wear it this way. Shoes from Dorothy Perkins and Bag from H&M.

Don’t you just love the structure on the wedge.


Later on yesterday, I had to run some late night errands and it had all of a sudden got quite chilly (told y’all about British weather) so changed my outfit a little and just run out of the house.

Same top as above, Trench is from UNIQLO, pants are from New look, i think. Scarf was stolen fro my mother. Trainers from Nike.


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