like the sun

We’ve had some lovely sunny weather in London over the past week, and I was just starting to get into it when all of a sudden the grey clouds returned today. Well, I wasn’t having it so I decided to bring some sunshine through my outfit. Actually, I lie. I just wore what i wore and coincidentally, the sun didn’t come out so i ended up being one of the brightest things in London today. The scarf and the shoes are actually the same shade of orange, I don’t know how came they looking different in the pictures

This picture probably gives more accurate idea of the weather today.

Shoes are from ebay. Bag was a gift. Blazer is thrifted. Its actually made from a heavy kind of woven linen. still trying to figure out exactly what kind of fabric it is. Tights from H&M. They were on sale so I bought about 5 pairs of the same thing so forgive me if it seems like I wear them a lot. I have a few pairs to get through. The skirt is currently available  in-store.


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