denim comfort

when I have a full day of shopping for fabrics and extras for the shop, the key word for dressing up is always comfort. absolute comfort, which for me means trainers, not flat shoes. TRAINERS, or sneakers, a manageable jacket or blazer and a bag that can be stuffed into another bag, in case the bags get too many. By now, i’m sure this outfit makes sense.

I would like to think that I have gained weight over the last two years but my clothes beg to differ. those jeans are about 2 years old, never really wore them much before. And the denim coat is also about 2 years old, from Primark. Fits same as it did when i first got it. Trainers are by NIKE, i believe they are air force or something similar. correct me if i’m wrong. And the elasticated waist top is currently available in store. The fabric bag is a sample I made, it is part of a line of bags, which we hope will be available in store this summer. So stay tuned for more on that. What is your main piece  for comfort style?



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