new uniform

whenever i feel uninspired, my default uniform is a pair of trousers, a tee and a blazer. but i’m trying to mix it up a bit so i thought a skirt and not so typical blazer works better. and there you have it, my new default uniform. i know, not very inspiring, but like i said, uninspired uniform. I’ve been experimenting with adding editing pictures so you might see some of the results up here. like the one above.

I have fallen in love with the orange color of the blazer, i’m not even really sure you can call it that, but for lack of a better word, its a blazer. anyways, wore this outfit on Sunday, the weather was lovely and very well matched to the blazer.

the skirt is from asos, about 2 years old. the shoes are from new look and the bag was a gift from a friend. the blazer (or whatever you want to call it) is going to be available instore soon.

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